The Open Halls Project and Politics

Good Day!

I want to reiterate something that the OHP really strongly believes in here, just so its out in the open. We want to support and help our Military Heathens. We want to support this group, without getting involved in the drastic inter-organizational politics of the heathen world, as much as possible. If you have the best interests of heathen military families at heart, we will generally work with you. We have occasionally made exceptions to that rule if we feel that a group is largely detrimental to the overall goal or health of the heathen community.

In the long run, the reason the OHP was started was to help our military heathen folks without being held back by conflicts that have a longer history than needs to be said here. We appreciate all the effort that many folks from many organizations and kindreds and groups have done to help us. We are more than welcome to honor the help that those folks gave us, and we are more than willing to point out where, if anywhere, we felt they didn’t help as much as they could have.

In the long run, we want to thank those who serve in the military, we want to thank the families that give their time, love and honor to their service member, and we want to enrich the military heathen community and the community at large by honoring these folks.

That’s all for now!


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