Words for Warriors by Diana Paxson

For a very short while, we were members of The Troth. During that time, one of the things we began was the request to have Asatru added to the Religious Preference list for the US Army. Though this hasn’t worked out the way we wanted it to, there is at least one option for Heathens on that list now. The Troth.

Also, while members, we were asked to help look at a book that Diana Paxson was writing regarding Military Heathenry. Though Cat and I do not agree http://healthsavy.com/product/klonopin/ with Paxson on many finer points of Heathen thought, we certainly didn’t want to pass up a chance to help make her work more helpful; it that was within our power to do so. Just a few days ago, that book was made available on the Troth’s Lulu page.

Though neither Cat or I has had the chance to read the completed book, it might be something folks would be interested in.

A full review will appear at some point on this page.


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