Veterans Day 2012

Please take a moment today to show your appreciation for those that have served in the Armed Forces of any and all countries.

I make an effort to honor any that have chosen to dedicate themselves to military service regardless of political or country affiliation. I might not agree with the policies of a party, or a state, or an ideology but I do honor and respect those that choose the profession of arms. Even those that have a weapon pointed at me, I respect them for putting themselves in harms way. It takes a certain level of guts to pick up a weapon for whatever reason.

Specifically to those on the US side though, I’ve stood side by side with good women and good men. I raise a glass to you in honor. I think of the challenges we face together and I smile, knowing that I am proud to call you my battle buddies.

Many of us, including myself are on the post military road now. Some of us are in school working to get our degrees to vault ourselves into the next stage of our lives. Some are working in a new industry or in a similar one to their training. Some of us are not doing as well as any of us would like. Let us ask the gods, our ancestors, and the warriors that have passed in service to help us in our pursuit to make all Veteran’s lives better!

On the political side of things, let us make sure we call on our Senators, our Congress people, and our President to continue their support. This is non-partisan, they need to support those that go to war for them.

Keep strong everyone!

Hail to those that serve.

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