Clergy and Kindred Lists

MEMO: We are going to add two lists to this website. One for clergy and one for kindreds. While some of you registered your kindreds or as clergy when you first registered at the Open Halls Project, because of the ever-changing nature of Heathen communities, in order to keep our information up-to-date and easily accessible for service members, we would like you to re-register as kindreds or clergy.

Simply mail us at with the name of your kindred, the location of the kindred (town/city +state + country) and contact details (please note, these details will be displayed publicly on this site).

You will need to fulfil the following two criteria:

a. You are part of a REAL community.
b. You are considered clergy by that community.

If you qualify and you wish to be included on the clergy list, mail us at with your name, location, details of the community you serve and contact details.

If you register for either, please ensure that our emails are not getting caught in your spam filter so that we might communicate without issues.
Please note that qualifications from a major Heathen org are not a sole qualifier. While clergy programs have their place, because of the nature of the issues that military Heathens may face, experience in a clergy role is preferable.
People registered as clergy, who are later the subject of scandal or in any way found to abuse their role within their community will be removed.

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