NPR Interview? Hammer Added by the VA?!!

So, a month or so ago, the Open Halls Project posted an article praising the honor of the family and friends of the Marine Shane, who now rests under Thor’s Hammer. About a week ago NPR ran a story that discussed it, but not in a complete way. Thankfully they made up for that a bit by speaking to us here at the OHP, and another ally of ours, Karl Seigfreid of the Norse Mythology blog.

For anyone that comes to our website because of this interview, welcome. The Open Halls Project is dedicated to helping Military Heathens, followers of the traditional Polytheistic worldview of Northern Europe. We have several partners that help us out, but one in particular is the Mjolnir Project, these folks craft hammers, and deliver them to service members for free, as a way of thanking them for their service. Hail to Heidi and Daniel of White Hart Forge, we appreciate all you do for our service members!

Anyone that wishes to know more about The Open Halls Project can email us at or find us on Facebook here:

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